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Nora - 41 yearsFun for all the family is guaranteed at the Hotel Huber in Vals.

A bit like a surprise for children

We are on our way to the Familienhotel Huber in Vals, because even the poor weather forecast cannot stop us from having a family weekend.
Excitement, fun and pure enjoyment
Upon our arrival we are immediately struck by the harmony radiating from the environment. We enter the lobby and are warmly welcomed by Franz, our host. Before we see our rooms, our daughter sees the play room and can hardly be persuaded to leave. One argument nevertheless changes her mind: “We have to go to our room and get ready to go swimming!”

This tactic works. A swift change – very swift, just hands washed and bikini on – and our daughter is pressing to go swimming at last.

Slide and sauna fun for all
At the swimming pool our daughter runs straight to the children’s pool. I too am pleasantly surprised by the warm water in the big pool. How I would love to have my own swimming pool! I lie on the sun lounger and watch the raindrops rattling against the outside of the window. It is somehow… meditative.

My daughter leaps into the children’s pool and screams for joy. She loves the water slide. Climb up and slide, climb up and slide. My husband copies her – not on the kiddies’ slide, but on the 45-metre giant chute. As soon as he arrives at the bottom he runs to the monitor to see how fast he went down. We spend half the afternoon like this – I have not seen my husband so enthusiastic or relaxed for ages.

We then all go to the sauna, which you can also enter with your swimming costume on. There is a textile sauna where you can enjoy perspiring with the children.

Small temptations, great delight
The afternoon cake buffet has everything we could wish for, with around ten different sweet temptations. There is chocolate strudel, poppy-seed cake, doughnuts, Meraner cake, various fruit cakes, brownies, pudding… something for every taste.

With our tummies fuller and probably somewhat rounder, my daughter decides that the play room is now the order of the day. My husband and daughter are already sitting at the Playstation. I grin to myself. We then play table tennis and table football, go on the slide and play other games. I myself feel like a child again. We laugh and have fun, sometimes the three of us, sometimes just me and my husband, then I help my daughter up the climbing wall. Everything is as easy and as problem-free as a family weekend should be.

A treat for the palate and the eye
Dinner is the next highlight. The first course – cheese soufflé – melts on the tongue. We have chosen fish for the main course. It is perfectly seasoned and served with juicy, tasty asparagus. My daughter, who has now finished her salad, orders a scoop of chocolate ice-cream for herself from the waiter. At three and a half years of age she knows exactly what she wants. The final course is the high point: pineapple pockets served with homemade strawberry ice-cream, a celebration for the taste buds!

After saying goodnight to all the animals in the petting zoo, it is time for our daughter to go to bed, while the grown-ups can enjoy another cocktail. We snuggle deep into the wingback chairs and listen to the thunderstorm outside. The only drawback with a short holiday is that little word “short”.

Surprise: sunshine!
On the next morning, despite the forecast, we are woken by the sun shining. We forget our plan for a quick breakfast once the breakfast chef begins to conjure up fresh crepes and omelettes, with every conceivable ingredient. I have to try that! I also indulge myself with the yogurt, fruit, fresh bread and croissants, while my husband sticks with sausage and cheese. Our daughter, inspired by our example, spreads chocolate over her bread and cheese.

There is a small adventure centre around a kilometre from the hotel., with an exciting climbing course and brightly coloured tepees for the kids. My daughter particularly loves the tree house. She is astonished at what she finds in there: beds, table, bench, carpet – there is everything there. It is even possible to spend the night in here, something which our daughter will certainly insist upon for the next visit.

A short trip up the mountain
The weather is slowly deteriorating, but we want to pay a quick visit to the hut on the Fane Alm, so we follow the marked path up. After a bend, views of the village open up. I have seen quite a few old villages, but this was a surprise nonetheless. It is very quaint and pretty, with a small church at the village entrance. A short stop here would certainly be nice, but it is now time to make the journey home again.

In the end the rather poor weather scarcely mattered, as we were in a fine sunny mood all weekend, all with beaming faces! We would gladly return to the Hotel Huber, come rain, storm or even snow...!
Yes, perhaps in the winter holidays.


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Familienhotel Huber ****
Isarco Valley - Vals
Relaxation and adventure, surrounded by nature
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