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Castles & palaces Experience family fairy tales

Discover South Tyrol’s castles and palaces with open eyes

Keep your eyes open! Because there are over 800 castles and palaces in South Tyrol to discover. The castles in South Tyrol are enthroned like eagle’s nests on mighty rocky outcrops, seal off whole valleys from intruders like bulwarks, or nestle harmoniously into the natural landscape. No matter whether in a beautiful Renaissance castle or in a medieval knight’s castle – in South Tyrol your family fairy tale will take its course. On a family holiday in South Tyrol you can slip into the role of Knight Coconut, Maid Bö, Princess Lillifee, or Castle Ghost Casper! Are you ready for the big adventure? The Familienhotels Südtirol as well as the castles and palaces in South Tyrol await you!

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Castles in South Tyrol

Showpieces: the most beautiful castles and palaces for kids

Taufers Castle: the mighty one

Let’s return to the Middle Ages at Taufers Castle, one of the mightiest castles in South Tyrol in the Alpine region with an impressive armoury and torture chamber, courtroom, prison, and battlements. A special highlight: the eerily beautiful castle tour exclusively for children at night.

Rodenegg Castle: the legendary one

At Rodenegg Castle the Middle Ages come alive again. The former seat of the court was the scene of the trial of the notorious sorcerer Mathias Perger, alias Lauterfresser. You will learn its history and many other exciting facts during a guided tour of this castle in South Tyrol.

Wolfsthurn Catle: the opulent one

Splendour wherever the eye can see – at Wolfsthurn Castle you can immerse yourself in the life of the high nobility during the baroque era. It also houses the South Tyrolean Museum of Hunting and Fishing. In the basement you can learn more about the local fauna.

Reifenstein Castle: the impressive one

A mighty portcullis seals off Reifenstein Castle near Sterzing from intruders. However, this castle in South Tyrol is open for you. There are ten living rooms to visit, including the impressive Green Hall, the torture chamber, the courtroom, and the underground dungeon.

Trostburg Castle, the one with the many castles

86 castles in one castle – where do you find that? Well, on the Trostburg Castle above Waidbruck, because here you can see the unique exhibition of models of South Tyrolean castles. Further highlights of this castle in South Tyrol: the magnificent Renaissance hall and the representative interiors.

Prösels Castle: the enchanted one

Bad luck, it was said at Prösels Castle near Seis. When danger threatened, buckets of hot pitch were emptied onto the enemy. The accused of the witch trials that took place here were also not treated squeamishly. You can learn more about this on a guided tour of the Renaissance castle.

Runkelstein Castle: the fantastic one

Dragons, unicorns, birds of prey – Runkelstein Castle near Bolzano is full of fantastic animals. No wonder, the walls are decorated with countless frescoes that will take you back to times long past. Leaf through the history of the Bilderburg Castle, as Runkelstein, one of the many castles in South Tyrol, is also called!

Hocheppan Castle: the bizzare one

Where is the cradle of Tyrolean dumplings? Maybe at Hocheppan Castle, or at least in the "Sistine Chapel of the Alps" there is a bizarre fresco with the dumpling-eating woman, but not only ... A must see for medieval fans of castles in South Tyrol! Just behind it: the adventurous archery course.

Tirol Castle: the historical one

This is where Tyrolean history was written: at Tirol Castle in Meran & Environs. On an interesting course you will learn everything about the eventful history of South Tyrol. And afterwards you will go to the flight show of birds of prey at the care centre for bird fauna right next to the castle in South Tyrol.

Lebenberg Castle: the extraordinary one

A hall of mirrors in rococo style, a farmer’s room, an old parlour, a knight’s room, an empire room, an ornamental garden, and much more – a visit to Lebenberg Castle is like an impressive journey through time from the dark Middle Ages to the dazzling rococo era. One of the most extraordinary castles in South Tyrol.

Schenna Castle: the coveted one

Empress Sisi loved Meran, Archduke Johann of Austria loved Schenna. Here on the sunny plateau is where he wanted his magnificent residence, the castle Schenna, to be built – and here is also where wanted to be buried. The neo-Gothic mausoleum, in which he found his last rest ten years after his death, is located just below.

Churburg: the magnificent one

The world's largest and probably most magnificent armoury is located in the impressive Churburg in Val Venosta/Vinschgau. More than 50 preserved armours, stabbing weapons, and swords are exhibited in this castle in South Tyrol. Also impressive: the arcade, Jacob’s Room, the Hall of Ancestors, the dungeon, and the library.