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Natural wonders Disover the secrets

A family holiday in the mountains full of natural wonders

Miracles happen – and you can admire them on a family holiday in the mountains. The numerous natural wonders in South Tyrol will amaze you. First and foremost, the Dolomites, which are sure to captivate you with their enormous rock faces and bizarre rock formations. After a family holiday in South Tyrol you will know where the most beautiful mountains in the world rise high up into the sky. But the Dolomites are by no means the only natural wonders that you can find in the immediate vicinity of our family hotels in South Tyrol. On a family holiday in the mountains, discover the secrets of nature and marvel at mystical ice holes, impressive earth pyramids, and deep gorges. Experiencing nature with children can be so exciting.

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A family holiday in the mountains full of wonder

Family holiday in South Tyrol: on the trail of natural phenoma

Gola di Stanghe/Gilfenklamm in Ratschings

Did you know that white marble lies at the feet of the Schwarze Mander in the Innsbruck Court Church? Where did it come from? From the Gilfenklamm gorge in Ratschings, the only marble gorge in Europe. Unbridled masses of water tumbling down into the valley give the white gold its final touch. An adventurous path leads you during the family holiday in the mountains over bridges and stairs through the eerie deep and narrow gorge. 

Lake Braies

It is known as the "Pearl of the Dolomites". We are talking about the emerald-coloured Lake Braies, which has become famous as the setting for an Italian TV series. No wonder with this wild beauty. Other water jewels in the Dolomites are Lake Carezza near Deutschnofen and Lake Antholz near Rasen-Antholz. Dive into their wonderful world during your family holiday in the mountains!

Adige/Ahr river floodplains near Bruneck

A real jewel of nature can be found in Val Pusteria/Pustertal: the Adige/Ahr river floodlpains, which stretch from Bruneck via Gais to Sand in Taufers. This unique area, which is under nature protection, was formed by ice age glaciers and bears witness to the former primeval forests of Europe. Today you can explore the biotope by hiking with children in South Tyrol, for example on the popular Adige/Ahr adventure trail which is suitable for prams.

Sexten sun dial

Who of you folks wound the clock? Is it really time to stop? In Sexten a special clock is ticking: the Sexten sun dial, the largest sun dial made of stone in the world. One look at its hands is enough to know what time it is. Is the sun shining straight on the nine, ten, eleven, twelve or one? A comparison with the time on your wristwatch gives you certainty: the stone clock is ticking correctly!

Alpenglow in the Dolomites

Once upon a time there was a king who petrified his wonderful rose garden in rage. Today it is one of the most impressive mountains in South Tyrol. In the evening, when the sun slowly sets, a unique natural spectacle takes place in this fairytale setting. We South Tyroleans call it alpenglow when the sun makes the rocks of the Dolomites shine in the most wonderful shades of red. Let yourself be enchanted on a family holiday in the mountains!

The mysterious Stone Town

Fancy a special kind of shopping trip? Then off to Val Gardena/Gröden! Near Wolkenstein below the Sassolungo/Langkofel you will find the mysterious Stone Town. Nobody knows exactly how it was created. Fact is: Here you can go hiking in the mountains with your family, but also climbing with children.

Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage terrace

No other mountains are as fascinating as the Dolomites. Every rock and every stone tell a piece of the exciting story of how these rock giants came into being. On the Mastlé Alm on Col Raiser in St. Christina you’ll find one of the two Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage terraces. Take a seat on this unique viewing platform during your family holiday in the mountains and let your eyes wander over this natural wonder.

GEOPARC Bletterbach, the Grand Canyon of South Tyrol

Experience 40 million years of geological history in the mountains on a family holiday! Where? In GEOPARC Bletterbach, the Grand Canyon of South Tyrol. An interesting nature trail leads through the 8-kilometre-long and 400-metre-deep gorge near Aldein, where even dinosaurs used to walk. Their tracks bear witness to that. Can you spot them? One thing is for sure: a trip to this natural jewel is an unforgettable adventure while on holiday in South Tyrol with children.

The Ritten earth pyramids

"Look, mummy, that clay pillar has a stone hat!" The Ritten earth pyramids fascinate young and old alike with their peculiar natural beauty. Like a bizarre fairytale forest, the highest and most beautiful earth pyramids in Europe shape the landscape. A leisurely hike leads you during your family holiday in the mountains on Ritten directly to the natural monument.

The ice holes near Eppan

Icicles in the middle of summer – where does such a thing exist? In Eppan. At the foot of the Gandberg in the middle of the forest you will find the mysterious ice holes during your family holiday in the mountains. Ice-cold air flows out of the openings of the large stone blocks, even in midsummer temperatures. The cause can be explained physically: The warm air flows in at the top of the porphyry blocks, cools down on the rock, flows downwards, and escapes through the openings.

The ancient larch trees in Val d’Ultimo/Ultental

They are among the oldest conifers in Europe: the three impressive larches near St. Gertraud in Val d’Ultimo/Ultental. Originally there were four, but the fourth collapsed in 1930 and is said to have had more than 2,000 annual rings. Nobody really knows exactly how old they are. The stately larches are impressive in any case, because where else can you see trees that are 36.5 metres high with trunks that are 8.35 metres thick?

The Partschins waterfall

Pure gold flows here! Granted, this is not quite true, but gold particles could actually be detected in the air. Speaking of air: At the Partschins waterfall, which plunges down from a height of 97 metres, the air is as pure as in the Arctic. Take a deep breath during your holiday in the mountains and admire the impressive natural spectacle – best between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. when the rainbow over the Partschins waterfall appears.

The Plima gorge path

What a spectacle! The Plima gorge path opens up new vistas when hiking with children in South Tyrol. On artfully designed, walkable steel constructions you can watch the rushing rapids rage and roar down to the valley. A dizzying adventure for your family holiday in the mountains.