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A summer campfire

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A summer campfire

Do you love sitting together with the whole family and enjoying the warm evenings in summer?

Then an evening around a flickering campfire is the perfect way to bring the day to a close! When the weather’s good, we regularly have campfire evenings in the garden of our Dolomites hotel in summer. We toast marshmallows or twist bread (remember not to hold them directly in the fire, but slightly above it!), admire the beauty of the natural landscape around our hotel at night, make shadow pictures, sing songs together, listen to guitar music, and tell each other scary stories. It’s such a magical moment when the calls of the forest dwellers mingle with the crackling of the fire! Especially for children, a campfire is a unique experience that will stay in their hearts and memories for years to come. Popular campfire games are tongue twisters, “I went to market”, and “Whispers”. Make sure you bring enough warm clothing, like socks, hats, and jackets, as the evenings can become cool, despite the warmth of the fire.

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