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Tips for dentist visits with kids

Tip for families | South Tyrol

Is your next visit to the dentist with your kids coming up?

Here are our tips.

6 March is National Dentist Day in the USA. We think it’s the perfect opportunity to share some tips with you.

Visits to the dentist with kids can be quite stressful, because children are often scared of pain and unpleasant examinations. We hope these four tips will help you during your next visit:

  • Get children used to dental hygiene from an early age, as this makes it easier for them to follow the instructions of the dentist. For example, they could pretend to clean their dolls’ teeth or look at picture books about the subject.
  • Don’t promise your children rewards in advance for behaving well. This gives them the impression that it will be a bad experience and puts them under more pressure to be good. On the other hand, little treats from the dental clinic create a positive association with the visit.
  • Bring your kids’ favourite cuddly toy or their favourite music with headphones.
  • Arrive at the clinic early so that your children can play in the waiting room before your appointment.

The next time you stay in the Dolomites at our hotels for families, our qualified childcare staff will be happy to give you even more tips.

Gustav Thöni
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