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The perfect day to make a friendship book

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Best Friends Day

What would you like to tell your best friends?

On a scale of one to ten: How much do you love your best friends?

On 15 August, Best Friends Day is celebrated in the USA – and we want to celebrate it here, too! Is there something you’ve always wanted to tell your best friends? That you’re happy that you can share anything with them? That they’re the best playmates ever? Or that you simply feel great when you’re around them? You can put all these messages into a friendship book. Perhaps you can find a ready-made one where you just have to write the date, your name, and messages – or you can make one yourself, a kind of poetry collection. Ask each of your friends to write each other a special message in the book, something that’s you’ve always wanted to tell each other. You’re sure to get a lovely, warm feeling when you read what everyone’s written afterwards! Both you and your best friends are very welcome here at our family hotels in Italy, where we give you a family holiday that you’ll remember fondly for years to come.

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