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This will definitely wake you up!

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Our tips for your morning routine

The best way to get up and get moving!

It’s not just adults who sometimes need a little longer to wake up in the morning – kids do, too.

We’ve put together a few helpful and fun tips for your morning routine. It begins with preparation, as everything that you can get done the evening before saves you time the next day, for example setting the table for breakfast or laying out your clothes. Our wake-up routine then continues in the bathroom in the morning: To get your (smile) muscles moving, you can pull funny faces with your kids – the craziest wins! If your children don’t like cleaning their teeth, you can make it more enjoyable for them by finishing with a gurgling concert: Can you guess the song that the other person is gurgling? Now that everyone’s properly awake, it’s time to get dressed, have breakfast, and pack a snack for the day. If you do the same thing every morning, it will become a habit for your kids and they’ll find it easier to follow. On your family holiday at our accommodation in the Dolomites, of course, you can take a break from your routine – because after all, that’s exactly what holidays are all about.

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