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Homemade Christmas tree ornaments

Winter | South Tyrol

Making Christmas tree ornaments from salt dough

To your bowls, get set, go!

One of the most beautiful things about Christmas are the many beautiful ornaments that adorn our homes. Here comes our craft tip.

There is a lot to experience at our ski accommodation in the Dolomites and at home. Have you ever made salt dough? It’s easy to shape and after baking, you’ll have great ornaments or gifts made with your own hands. How about making your own Christmas tree decorations, for example?

For the salt dough, take 1.5 cups of flour, half a cup of corn starch, one cup of salt, one cup of water, two tablespoons of oil and combine into a smooth dough.
Roll out the dough and cut out shapes of your choice. Stars, little Christmas trees, or snowflakes are particularly beautiful as ornaments. You can also just cut out squares and rectangles and paint on patterns or press stamps into them. Important: remember to make a hole in each decoration so that you can hang it up!
Then bake your works of art at about 150 degrees for an hour, let them cool, and thread beautiful yarn through the holes. Your gift for Grandma and Grandpa is ready!

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