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A natural spectacle for the whole family

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Discover the fascinating depths of the Stanghe/Gilfenklamm gorge

A cool hike fun for young and old

Perfect for hot summer day: a cool hike through Stanghe/Gilfenklamm gorge

Across footbridges and bridges, surrounded by the mist of the waterfalls: Stanghe/Gilfenklamm gorge is a popular excursion destination, especially in summer. Plus, it’s a stunning display of nature’s beauty. We recommend starting your hike in Stange near Ratschings. Follow the trail with its charming wooden bridges that guide you to the waterfalls. Then, continue on the Jaufensteg path, leading you into Val Racines/Ratschingstal. You can also reverse the hike; another access point is located behind the inn in the village centre.
Prepare to be amazed once you step foot inside the gorge: Enormous rock walls stand meters tall, with white marble flanking both sides of the hiking trail. On sunny days, as sunlight filters through fine spray mist droplets, rainbows appear before you. Experience the sheer force of water, a thundering and roaring constant on your walk through the 2km Stanghe/Gilfenklamm gorge. Choose between 3 hiking trails and turn them into a circular hike, if wanted.
To enter the gorge, simply purchase your ticket at the entrance. Admission for 1 child is free, if accompanied by 2 paying adults! By the way: With the activeCard, you enjoy a 50% discount on all entry fees.
Stanghe/Gilfenklamm gorge is open in summer from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Speaking of summer: This is when the hike is particularly popular, as the temperatures between the rock faces are pleasantly cool.
Please note that the path is not suitable for pushchairs. We recommend sturdy footwear as the stairs and bridges can get wet and slippery.
By the way, did you know that Stanghe/Gilfenklamm gorge used to be called Emperor Franz Josef gorge? They named it during the Emperor’s 50th anniversary celebration. Shortly after, the name was changed. The reason? People weren’t happy with it.   

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A natural spectacle for the whole family
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