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The curious alpine ibex

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The king of the Alps

Meet this majestic creature

The mighty Alpine ibex is also known as the King of the Alps. Read our exciting facts about this animal and find out where you can see them.

Did you know that the alpine ibex almost became extinct 200 years ago? It was considered a hunting trophy because it was said to have special powers. The “Herzkreuz” (a small cross-shaped bone found near the ibex’s heart), the hide, the blood, the ground-up horn, and even the excrement were all sold as therapeutic remedies in years gone by. Its meat was very much sought after for thousands of years. Even Ötzi’s last meal was dried ibex and fern. The survival of this noble animal was thanks to the Italian King Vittorio Emanuele II, who placed protection on the last 100 alpine ibexes that lived in the Gran Paradiso area. Today, there are around 1,300 ibexes living in South Tyrol again. With a little luck, you can also encounter these majestic creatures in the Texel mountains, around Palla Bianca/Weißkugel, Tribulaun and Eisbruggspitze, in Durreck, in Val d’Ultimo/Ultental, in the Sesvenna area, in the High Tauern, and – last but not least – at Stelvio National Park where our accommodation in the Dolomites is located. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars! Do you want to see the alpine ibex up close? Then head to Moos in Passeier. There is an alpine ibex enclosure next to the Bunker Museum.

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