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Spring | Hiking | South Tyrol

Nature is full of melodies.

It’s time to discover them!

We recently introduced you to our favourite spring flowers, and now it’s the turn of various birds and their beautiful melodies.

On a spring walk with your family, there’s so much to discover: colourful flowers, gurgling mountain streams – and twittering birds! But did you know that every bird starts to sing at a specific time of day? The true “early birds” are the redstarts, which already start singing over an hour before dawn! Its song sounds like a fast trill. Shortly afterwards, it’s time for the song thrush to start singing its flute-like song and the robin its rapid “tick-tick-tick”. Have you ever heard a blue tit chirping? It starts its “tsee-tsee-tsee” around 30 minutes before sunrise. Although they’re related, its song is very different to the great tit’s, which serenades you with a “titcha-titcha”. The chaffinch has a particularly beautiful song and is something of a “sleepy-head”, as it only starts singing around 10 minutes before sunrise. Now you’ve learnt all these different bird songs, see if you can hear them for yourself on a walk around our children’s hotel when you’re in Italy for your Dolomites holidays!

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