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A majestic sight: the Ritten earth pyramids

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Extraordinary sight

Near Ritten, the earth pyramids show their most beautiful side.

They rise majestically into the air and can be admired by the passing eye. We are talking about the famous Ritten earth pyramids. Have you heard of them?

Perhaps you’ve already heard of the famed Ritten earth pyramids. No? Then let us introduce them to you now. They are the highest and most beautifully shaped of their kind in Europe and can be admired three different ways here near Ritten. You can read about what earth pyramids are and how they are formed right on the information board on-site. But here’s a sneak peak: They are free-standing clay cones with boulders on top that rise impressively through the earth into the sky. Whether in Oberbozen close by, in Unterinn hidden in the sparse forest, or in Lengmoos with a breathtaking Dolomite panorama in the background – the Ritten earth pyramids are worth a hike all year round and are especially recommended during your holidays near the Dolomites in summer. Our tip: It's best to leave the car with us and enjoy a leisurely ride on the historic Ritten Railway instead – another highlight for your family holiday in South Tyrol.

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