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The ladybird

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Merry ladybirds

Our little, red, black-spotted friends

Have you already spotted a ladybird this year? Here are some interesting facts about the cute little creatures.

At this time of year, when summer is knocking on the door, the plants and animals also burst into life, and we once again find bright-red ladybirds with little black dots out in the fields and meadows, which children love to let crawl over their hands before they fly away. Did you know that ladybirds are very useful, as they eat aphids and other pests? Just one ladybird can eat up to 50 aphids a day! They live for around one year. When they hatch, they’re initially yellow and don’t have any spots. After a few hours, they turn red and get their black spots. The most common kind of ladybird has seven of them. If you’re looking around the Dolomites in Italy for accommodation for your family holiday, all of our hotels offer an exciting activity and leisure programme in summer that lets you spend time out in the fresh air and maybe even catch a glimpse of the cheerful ladybirds. Let your summer adventure begin!

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