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Dwarf goats: your holiday friends

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Mischievous friends

Dwarf goats: your new holiday acquaintance

Making new friends is as much a part of a holiday as great adventures in nature and delicious food. In South Tyrol, very special friends are waiting for you: dwarf goats.

With their big bellies and short legs, they don't look like models but they’re still cute: the lively dwarf goats with their short, smooth fur. It's hard to believe, but this popular breed of animal has come a long way as they originally come from Africa. There they were kept for meat production thousands of years before our era. With their small physique, these funny little animals can adapt to meagre living conditions. In the 17th century, dwarf goats finally came to Europe where they found a paradise on earth. After all, is there anything more delicious to eat than fresh grass and herbs? If you spend your holidays in the Dolomites, Italy with us and your children, you can meet our animal friends on the alpine pastures or in the petting zoos. The little ladies of the pack are always up to mischief and will entertain you with their funny jumps. We bet you’ll just fall in love with our dwarf goats!

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