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Museum fun for the whole family


A journey to the dinosaurs

The world of the Dolomites

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Dolomites!

We have a special holiday tip for all museum lovers, knowledge seekers, and curious minds. Plan a visit to the DoloMythos museum in Innichen! The museum is conveniently located directly in the pedestrian zone of the village and is open all year round. Guided tours can also be organised if you book in advance.

Here you will discover all the exciting information about the Dolomites, as well as extensive background information about the area’s rich history, which goes back millions of years. Children particularly enjoy a treasure hunt, where they can dig up a gem or even find real gold. In the dinosaur exhibition, you’ll find faithful replicas of the dinosaurs that once populated the Dolomites. During your visit, you can listen to the most exquisite fairy tales and legends from the Dolomites, such as the fascinating story of the Croderes rock people, the snow queen Samblana, or Aurona, the land of gold.

Another very interesting and popular exhibition in the museum is dedicated to the ancestor of snakes and lizards, Megachirella wachtleri, discovered in 1999. You can delve into the incredible story about the largest modern gold find in the Alps, where 30 kilograms of gold were discovered!

And DoloMythos is not only a museum, but also a research station. It contains the world’s largest collection of plant fossils. Through the dedicated efforts of the museum’s research team, important skeletons and the world-famous Piz da Peres fossil deposit were found.

Throughout the year, numerous captivating events take place at DoloMythos, allowing guests to be immersed deeper in the fascinating history of the Dolomites. These include an antique and collectors market, barbecue evenings as part of a summer festival, and much, much more that both parents and children will enjoy. Plan your visit to this idyllic village in the Dolomites during your South Tyrol holiday and see how your children’s eyes light up with all the adventures within their reach. Let the journey of discovery begin!

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