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Reach for the stars in Gummer

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To a galaxy far, far away

Excursion tip: the star village of Gummer

Do you want to reach for the stars? Then we have an excursion tip for you: Gummer. A planetarium, an observatory, and a planet hike await you here.

Do you want to reach for the stars and discover the entire universe? Then head to Gummer, the small but tranquil mountain village near Karneid with the most beautiful night sky you can find. Here you’ll be close to heaven in the truest sense of the word. The planetarium, Astronomical Observatory Max Valier, and the planet hike take you to distant galaxies. Slip into the role of an astronaut and take a seat in the cosy armchairs of the planetarium. The unique expedition into space begins: it will be a journey during which you uncover many a cosmic secret. After this starry excursion, the tour continues to Solar Observatory Peter Anich and Astronomical Observatory Max Valier, where you can observe the sun, moon, and stars as well as the planets through several telescopes. And finally, the planet hike takes you on a voyage from Mercury to Pluto in just a few hours. You’ll return to our family hotel in Italy with your heads full of stars. Give it a try!

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