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A magical gorge

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Impressive and awe-inspiring

Stanghe/Gilfenklamm gorge near Ratschings

The roaring of water, a mist of fine spray, and a waterfall: Discover Stanghe/Gilfenklamm gorge!

Stanghe/Gilfenklamm gorge is just a short distance from our family hotel near Ratschings in South Tyrol. It’s a wonderful excursion if you want to take a break from biking on your mountain biking holidays in the Alps. The best access point is before the Stanger bridge. You can make your way through the gorge in around an hour (2.5 kilometres). Along the way, you’ll enjoy spectacular views from the bridges and walkways. Feel the fine mist from the falling water on your skin and see how it refracts the light to create a rainbow. Marvel at the 15-metre-high waterfall crashing to the ground with a roar. Admire the white marble that has washed out of the rockfaces over the millennia and sparkles with light. On the way, you’ll discover interesting information about the history of the gorge, for example that it was opened in 1896 and was once called the “Emperor Franz Josef gorge”. If you’d like to enjoy a longer walk, you can turn it into a circular hike via Pardaun that takes a total of three hours.

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