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Sweet aromas

Summer | Indulgence | South Tyrol

Summertime is elderflower time!

Sweet syrups and more

We’ll show you how you can make delicious elderflower syrup yourself.

It’s currently elderflower season, and when you’re on your Dolomites holidays, summer walks are the perfect opportunity to pick the sweet-scented blossoms. You’ll need around 50 large elderflowers and 2.5kg of organic lemons, which you should wash well and then pat dry. Peel the lemons and squeeze them to get the juice. Put the juice, peel, and the elderflowers into a large pan along with 125ml of white vinegar, and then add six litres of water. Leave the syrup to stand in the shade for three to four days, making sure you give it a good stir every so often. Strain out the elderflowers and bring the liquid to the boil, stir in 1kg of sugar, and then pour the syrup into clean bottles while it’s still hot. Close the bottles tight. And there you have it: a good supply of syrup for the winter! By the way, as well as using the blossoms, you can also make juice out of elderberries, which makes a fantastic natural remedy for coughs.

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Sweet aromas
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