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Cherry facts

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A cherry-sweet summer

Cherry season is here.

Summer is the perfect time to eat cherries. We’ll tell you what you can do with the red fruits.

In summer, the cherries are wonderfully juicy and a deep red colour – we just can’t get enough of them! Whether they’re in fruit cake, muffins, juice, sweets, or as a juicy snack between meals, cherries are healthy and make you happy, as they contain a nutrient that releases happy hormones. When you stay at our family hotel in South Tyrol on your holidays, you’ll find that we love using cherries in the kitchen. Did you know that there are 500 different kinds of sweet cherries and 250 kinds of sour cherries? Perhaps you’ll try some of them during the warm summer evenings while you listen to the crickets chirping and have a competition to see who can spit their cherry stone the farthest. Speaking of stones: Don’t throw the cherry stones away afterwards, but instead wash them and boil them in water. If you then dry them in the oven, they’ll make the perfect filling for a cherry-stone cushion. And by the way, we recommend eating cherries in the evening, as they contain the sleep hormone melatonin and help you get a good night’s sleep.

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