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For stargazers

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Day-trip tip for stargazers

Set off for new galaxies!

Take in the view of the stars – in the planetarium in Gummer!

Educational trips, music shows, and more: Located in the tranquil mountain village of Gummer, you’ll find South Tyrol’s planetarium. Get ready to take a journey through the galaxies. Regardless of the weather or hour, the planetarium vividly depicts the movement of the stars, simulating a journey through space with cutting-edge 3D technology paired with an advanced sound system. In the “Cosmos Simulator”, up to 53 people can embark on an exciting journey of discovery through the universe, emulating the experience of being aboard a spacecraft.
In addition, the planetarium regularly hosts events on various celestial and space-related topics, such as a music show, a presentation about our planet, or an educational journey through the starry skies above South Tyrol.
By the way, the planetarium is not the same as the observatory! In the planetarium, an artificial starry sky is projected onto the dome ceiling, allowing for the clear and child-friendly explanation of space phenomena. However, this dome does not open to show the actual night sky. About a 10-minute drive from the planetarium is the observatory with its viewing dome, which can be opened. Here, in good weather, you can take a look at the night sky with its stars and planets through the large reflector telescope.
By the way, the “Max Valier”” observatory is the only public observatory in South Tyrol and is run by volunteers. Tours take place here every Thursday and Friday evening.
In addition to the planetarium and the observatory, you’ll also find the “Peter Anich” solar observatory here, whose dome can be rotated 360 degrees. With this specialised solar telescope, you can observe solar flares and discover sunspots with the help of a special filter.
If you feel like taking a stroll in between, we recommend the Planet Trail, where the distances and sizes of the planets are represented on a scale of 1:1,000,000,000. The entire hike takes 2 to 3 hours.

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