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Colourful handicrafts

Autumn | Summer highlights | South Tyrol

Colourful autumn handicrafts

Bring a splash of colour to your home!

When we look out from our hotel, we see a gloriously colourful autumn landscape – which gives us lots of great ideas for crafts!

There’s one craft idea that’s really easy to do at home. Make the most of the colourful nature before you leave for your holiday in the Dolomites, Italy at our accommodation and create lovely decorations from various autumn treasures. The best way to start is by taking a long walk through the beautiful autumn landscape and collecting everything that particularly catches your eye: colourful leaves, chestnut cases, and more. We recommend drying the leaves before you paint them with white acrylic paint – it will help the paint hold better. Then, decorate them with swirls, spirals, stars, sweeping lines … simply give your imagination free rein! Once the paint has dried, hang the leaves on a string and create a kind of mobile that you can hang on your wall. When the leaves turn brittle, it’s a good reason to go on another walk, collect new leaves, and decorate them with fresh colours and patterns.

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