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Nut chains

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A nutty and delicious surprise…

…for your birds in winter!

Your feathered friends will flutter excitedly around this yummy surprise. What is it? Nut chains! A wonderful idea for making birds a tasty treat.

They don’t just taste delicious but are also a real eye-catcher on the balcony, terrace, or in the garden. What are they? Our nut chains! We make them for the birds in winter at our ski accommodation in the Dolomites. The search for food becomes more and more difficult for birds that don’t go south in autumn when there is ice and snow. We hang delicious homemade nut chains on tree branches so that the birds that stay behind don't have to go hungry. You will need walnuts and peanuts, a needle and some yarn for stringing them together and a pretty ribbon for decoration. And this is how to make one: Gently crack the walnuts so that you get the biggest pieces possible. Then, using the needle, thread the walnut pieces and unshelled peanuts alternately onto the yarn. Tip: For the peanuts, it's best to pierce the narrow part in the middle of the shell, as there is usually no nut in the way. Finally, you can decorate the nut chains with a ribbon. The beautiful nut chain is ready. 

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