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Saint Martin

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A time to walk with lanterns ...

... but why?

11 November is St. Martin's Day, which is accompanied by lantern processions and a special legend.

“I walk with my lantern, and my lantern with me.” These lyrics are from a popular song sung traditionally by many in the Dolomites.  And it’s all because of St. Martin’s Day on 11 November. Saint Martin was a Roman soldier who shared his coat with a beggar on a cold winter evening. Years later, he was ordained a bishop and was known for helping the poor. This is exactly the idea we express with our lantern processions at our ski accommodation in the Dolomites. The lanterns are an expression of the shining message of St. Martin and are meant to bring light in the darkness. During the processions, St. Martin’s song is sung. Afterwards, there’s usually a fruit tea or hot cocoa to warm you up. Our tip: Join the St. Martin’s Day procession with your lantern and song. Experience this special cultural delight and make unforgettable memories.

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