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Into the woods!

Summer | Summer highlights | South Tyrol

Forest games

Immerse yourself in nature!

Would you rather spend summer in the cool shade than in the sun? Do you love the sound of leaves rustling in the wind?

Then the woods are the perfect “playground” for you! Here, amongst ancient trees, cool spots, and busy forest dwellers, you can look forward to all kinds of fun and games. For example, you can build a little hut out of sticks and branches and line it with moss so that it’s nice and comfy. You can even make yourself some pets out of fir cones and stones. Now you can invent funny stories with your “animals”, make them jump over sticks, and take care of them. When you’ve had enough, simply walk on through the woods and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere: the rustling of leaves in the wind, the merry chirping of birds, the hammering of woodpeckers, and the splashing of a nearby stream. You can watch busy ants and beetles on the forest floor collecting food or building a home. Perhaps you’ll even discover a squirrel leaping from branch to branch and gathering nuts! When you visit the Dolomites, Italy, our accommodation is located in the midst of green nature, far removed from stress, hustle and bustle, and loud roads. Relaxing is so easy here!

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