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No drama, llama!

Spring | Summer | Hiking | Merano & Environs

Come and meet your llama!

Hiking with fluffy four-legged friends

They’re bright-eyed, fuzzy, and the perfect hiking companion: llamas.

When you’re on holiday near the Dolomites at our hotels for families, you and your loved ones certainly won’t get bored. If a normal walk just isn’t your thing, then we have a unique, fluffy, bright-eyed tip for you: llama trekking! During our active family weeks in summer, you can enjoy an easy walk to legendary caves and idyllic forest clearings in Tabland with junior chef Daniel and farmer Günther – accompanied by good-natured llamas! Take them by the lead and discover the natural landscape around our hotel together with them. It’s said that llamas spit, but that only happens if they feel threatened or want to defend their home. And neither of those things tends to happen during llama trekking. After the walk, your fuzzy companions can look forward to lush hay while you enjoy grilled sausages at the campfire – and your kids will have lots of stories to tell their friends after their holiday!

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