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The power flower

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Fit and healthy through spring

Fit and healthy through spring

The dandelion is possibly one of the most memorable plants, especially for children – first as a yellow flower, then a fluffy, white dandelion clock.

The dandelion has much more to offer than just its joyful colour and seed-blowing fun. As the young leaves of the plant contain very few bitter substances, they’re often used in salads. They give your immune system a real boost because they contain high amounts of vitamin C and provitamin A.

You can also turn the flowers into delicious syrup or honey. Pick around 400 flowers in the morning (that’s important, because they close up in the afternoon). Rinse them thoroughly under running water, put them in a large pan, and then pour in two litres of water. Add two untreated lemons cut into slices and let the mixture cook for 15 minutes. Then, leave the brew to stand overnight and sieve it through a linen cloth the next day. Now, you have to boil down the brew with two kilogrammes of sugar (and a lot of patience) until it reaches a syrupy consistency. Once that’s done, your vitamin kick is ready to be spread on bread or drunk diluted as a juice! During your Dolomites holidays in summer, you’ll discover even more interesting facts about South Tyrol’s flowers and plants.

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The power flower
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