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Christmas decoration handicrafts

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Festive decorations

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is almost here, but you are still missing the perfect decorations? We’ve got something for you.

Are you still thinking about what to hang on your Christmas tree on Christmas Eve? How about in the windows, on tree branches, or wherever you fancy? What about cheerful, fluffy Santa Clauses? To make them, wrap white wool around two donut-shaped cardboard discs glued together until no more fits through the hole in the middle, cut the wool threads on the outside, and you’ll have a fluffy white ball. On one side, stick a Santa face made of coloured cardboard, complete with googly eyes and red hat, attach it to the wool ball, and fasten a string to hang it up. And your fluffy Christmas decoration is ready to hang on the Christmas tree! If you make more Santas, you can display them all over your home and spread Christmas cheer everywhere. We would be delighted to give you more decoration ideas on our family blog and when you visit us, one of the best luxury family hotels in Italy.

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