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Cat Day

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A ball of four-pawed, purring happiness

Cats are the stars of the show on 8 August, because that’s when International Cat Day is celebrated.

Are you or your kids cat lovers? Or perhaps you even have a pet cat at home? These purring, furry friends are treasured, loved members of the family in many households, and kids simply love snuggling with them. On 8 August, we celebrate them in style with International Cat Day. We think it’s the perfect occasion to share a few fascinating facts about cats with you:

  • You can tell what mood cats are in from their whiskers: If they’re hanging down relaxed, the cat is happy, if they’re pointing forwards, they might be angry.
  • If a cat rubs against you with their head or sides, they’re marking their territory – they’re leaving behind a message to other cats that you belong to them.
  • The nose print of each cat is as unique as our fingerprint.

You can meet even more animals in the Dolomites on your holidays in summer in the petting zoos of our family hotels or perhaps even during an expedition in the forest.

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