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Fly, kite, fly!

Autumn | South Tyrol | Natural wonders

Fly, fly, fly …

It’s the perfect time to fly a kite.

One of our favourite autumn activities: flying a kite!

In October, the temperatures around our hotel for your South Tyrol holidays aren’t yet too chilly, but the wind still has enough strength to lift your colourful kites up into the air. But as there can be days with no wind, even in autumn, it’s a good idea to check the wind conditions beforehand. Make sure that you’re not standing too close to electricity cables or overhead power lines. The best places are large, open meadows or a beach. Here’s how to get your kite up in the air: Try to figure out the direction of the wind – either by wetting your finger or with a handkerchief. Stand with your back to the wind and put the kite down in front of your feet. Walk backwards a few steps while slowly unwrapping the string from the reel. Make sure you have good footing. Pull the line taut and then jerk it a little bit until the kite lifts up into the air. You can bring your kite back down by letting the string go loose.

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