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Watching fireflies

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Watching fireflies

Dancing in the dark

Have you ever seen fireflies? This experience will turn your holiday into something very special. The best time to watch them is on warm summer nights, on meadows, in forests, gardens, and (dark) parks. The reason why they glow? Simple, they are looking for a partner. Did you know that fireflies do not glow because they’re being illuminated (like the moon, for instance), but because they produce the light themselves? How is that possible? Because of the decomposition of a certain compound called luciferin, that generates bioluminescence. The name is Latin for “light-bearer”.  There’s something fireflies don’t put up with, and that’s brightly lit parks and paths, because they make it impossible for them to find mates. If you want to watch fireflies, choose a new moon night, turn off all your light sources, and have a little patience. Soon you’ll see these amazing glowing bugs!

Come join us in the Dolomites. Your holidays in a summer’s paradise await you.

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