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It’s story time!

Summer | South Tyrol | Tip for families

Make up stories.

Unleash your imagination!

In the summer holidays, it’s often difficult to offer children variety and excitement. Here’s our tip to inspire your kids’ creativity.

Become storytellers. Dive into other worlds, worlds of fantastic creatures, superpowers, and adventures. Here’s how: Get your kids to draw some scenery on a large sheet of paper (A3 works best). It could be a forest, a house, or a meadow. Then, flick through old magazines and cut out all sorts of different pictures. Stick the pictures onto the background wherever you think they fit and think up funny stories to go with them. And remember: In your fantasy world, anything is possible! The dog drove the car into the city? Sure! A pineapple wasn’t happy with its hair-do and spontaneously cut itself a fringe? Why not! There are no limits to what you can imagine. Something that’s just as exciting as the stories you’ll come up with are mountain biking holidays in the Alps at our Familienhotels Südtirol, because our varied activity and leisure programme is sure to make your children’s eyes sparkle.

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