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For your Halloween party

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Scary Halloween creatures …

… to sink your teeth into!

Even though Halloween is a Celtic tradition, we’ve collected some sweet tips for you here.

On 31 October, it’s once again time for some scary Halloween fun. The tradition originates from the Celts and their celebration of the harvest, the start of the cold season, and the beginning of a new calendar year. To scare off evil spirits, they used to dress up in terrifying costumes and ghost through the streets, light huge bonfires, and leave little offerings outside their homes. The customs have now changed somewhat, but kids still enjoy dressing up in costumes and collecting sweets. So that you have the perfect baked treats ready and waiting, we recommend baking muffins and decorating them with scary designs like spiders, bats, or little monsters. You can simply use food colouring or make eyes out of sugar beads. You can also use sausages and puff pastry to make cool mummies by wrapping the pastry around the sausages in strips and then drawing on eyes using mayonnaise. And that’s it – your Halloween snacks are ready! We’ll give you even more baking and event tips when you spend your holiday at our family hotels in Italy.

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