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“Zelten”, a South Tyrolean speciality

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A South Tyrolean speciality with an exotic touch

“Zelten” – the traditional Christmas delicacy

“Zelten” an Christmas go together like Christmas trees and presents. Learn more about his special delicacy.

When you hear people in South Tyrol talk about “Zelten” at Christmas time, they mean a very special delicacy: a fruit bread with an exotic touch. Where its strange name comes from, nobody really knows. The assumption is that it comes from the old German word "seltern", which means seldom or rare. And it truly is a rare delight. When and where exactly it was created is also an unsolved mystery. Its origins are probably connected to the festival around winter solstice, as its form and decoration suggest. In any case, our ancestors did not actually prepare “Zelten” until 21 December and they never ate it before Christmas Day. Today, fortunately, it can be found in bakeries much earlier. By the way: did you know that almost every family in South Tyrol has their own  well-kept secret recipe? We'll be happy to tell you ours during your next holiday in the Familienhotels Südtirol.


The Wachtler family from Post Alpina – Family Mountain Chalets.



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