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Haflinger horse race

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Fast, faster, fastest …

… the Haflingers run at full speed!

Have you made your Easter Monday plans yet? If not, we have a wonderful idea for you.

After the Easter Bunny has finished his delivery of eggs and chocolates, we sometimes want to spend Easter Monday doing something a bit more exciting. Do you already have your plans made for 1 April 2024? If not, the Haflinger horse race is the perfect family outing – and that’s not an April Fool’s joke! The event begins at around 10 a.m. with a festive parade from the Vinschger Tor in Meran city centre to the horse racing area in Untermais. Dance and music groups as well as the traditional “Goaßlschnöller” whip crackers accompany the big festival, at which around 70 carefully coiffed and groomed Haflinger horses are presented. The traditional galloping race of the well-known Haflinger horses begins at 1 p.m. This horse breed is particularly resilient, robust, sure-footed, and graceful – in the past they were kept primarily as work animals. Born in Schluderns in 1874, the “founder” of the Haflinger breed was a chestnut stallion named 249 Folie, who displayed the characteristic flaxen mane and tail. Today their uses are primarily for sport and leisure. Interestingly, since Haflingers are considered to be very good-natured and gentle, they’re also often used for therapeutic purposes. By the way: Did you know that Haflingers are officially classified as a pony or small horse breed? And that with a height of 138 to 155cm!
The track on the racecourse is around 1,600 metres long, and there are performances and a harness race between the individual horse races. The final race takes place in the afternoon to determine which horse becomes the champion. And no horse race is complete without trying your luck and placing a bet. Feeling peckish? Several stalls on the ground floor of the racecourse offer traditional delicacies to curb your hunger in between meals. The horse race has existed since 1896 and is considered the official start of the Meran racing season. Admission is €13.00 for adults and €7.00 for children.

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