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Why is Lago di Carezza/Karersee so beautiful?

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Fairy-tale fun in the Italian Dolomites

Tuck your children in with a South Tyrolean fairy tale tonight

Want to visit a mysterious place where a singing water fairy lives under the Italian Dolomites? Lago di Carezza/Karersee is the perfect spot for you!

In the Dolomites in Italy, your accommodation is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes where fairy tales abound. Many stories of dwarf kings and witches are told about the ancient Dolomites but there is one special story about where Lago di Carezza/Karersee gets its marvellous colours. So, tuck your children in and send them off to dreamland with this magical tale:

One day, a warlock was walking in the mountains and heard singing. He followed it and there, on the shore of a small lake, was a water fairy. She combed her blond hair while softly singing. The warlock instantly fell in love with her. He wanted to kidnap her, to take her away with him. But she was too quick, diving into the lake. So, the warlock asked Langwerda the witch for advice. Langwerda told him to dress as a jeweller and conjure a gemstone rainbow from Catinaccio/Rosengarten mountain to Latemar mountain. Then only could he take the water fairy. The warlock cast the rainbow but forgot to disguise himself. Though the water fairy was captured by his rainbow, she saw the warlock hiding on the shore and dove back into her lake. The warlock was so angry, he pulled down the rainbow, shattered it, and threw the gems into the lake.

That’s why even today Lago di Carezza/Karersee shimmers like a colourful rainbow and is called ‘‘Rainbow Lake’’.

Sweet dreams!

The Holzner family from Parkhotel Holzner



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Why is Lago di Carezza/Karersee so beautiful?
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