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Evi with Mia - 39 years oldOur weekend at the Familienhotel Bella Vista!

My second birthday

For days now my Mummy has been talking about a birthday, whatever that might be. Anyhow there is a large suitcase in the room that I have never seen before. And why are there so many of my things in it?
Ohhhh – I get it now: Mia – that’s me – can come along too! Where to, I don’t know. But a birthday like that must be something really special.
Our destination: the Stilfserjoch National Park
Everything is stuffed into the car – including my new training bike, of course – and off we go! Mummy says we are going to the Familienhotel Bella Vista in the Stilfserjoch nature park, but she also says that it will take a little until we get there. The purring of the engine always has a soothing effect on me… my eyes become tired and, despite all the excitement, I decide to have a little nap…

Someone has switched off the engine! I believe we’ve finally arrived! Mummy and Daddy unpack everything from the car and we go to a great big house. A blonde woman called Petra smiles at us and talks with Mummy and Daddy. I don’t know what the grown-ups have always got to say to each other – I go off in the meantime to explore the area a bit… Wow, a play corner, no, a whole room for playing and lots of other tiny tots like me!

My parents always finish talking whenever I start enjoying myself
In the background I can hear Mummy saying: “Great, we can take the lift!” I don’t actually want to go anywhere else right now but, OK, I am curious too about what else there is to see here. There will certainly be a bed just like at home, so I will have to see at once how high I can jump up and down on it. It’s called a family suite, or whatever the grown-ups call our room. Anyhow there is lots of space and two huge double beds. Perfect for jumping on!

Splish splash – soaking wet!
We actually wanted to go walking today, but it’s raining outside. I love jumping from puddle to puddle in my waterproof boots! My parents told me that we are off to a play barn… whatever that is!?

Squealing and jumping in the hay
Daddy unlocks the wooden door to the barn and behind it I can see: wow, how good is that! A big slide where you can zoom down into the hay! Quick, up the steps and down again. In the corner there is also a sandpit full of multi-coloured toys and some Bobby Cars parked next to each other. Outside it’s still pouring down, but here in the play barn I am having so much fun that I hope we stay here for a very long time!

The Bear Club for mini-gourmets
My tummy is rumbling, but fortunately it is now time for dinner in the Bear Club for me and my new friends. The tables are set for us with brightly coloured cutlery – it makes the pasta and Bolognese sauce taste even better! The tablecloth is probably also quite tasty, as I don’t quite manage to get every spoonful into my mouth… oh well, the kid next to me is also making a mess!
The bigger ones who are already three years old can also stay in the Bear Club with the childcare assistants during the daytime, doing all sorts of great things – I am already looking forward to my next birthday so I can go with them too, and Mummy has already promised that we will come back here again!

My parents eat later in an enormous, elegant dining room. Daddy has already said that he is looking forward to the 5-course gourmet menu. But I am more than full! At the table beside us is sitting a little girl, even smaller than me. We at once start playing together while the grown-ups sit forever at the table and just talk and talk. Mummy and Daddy seem very relaxed! They are drinking this dark red juice and just smile quietly at each other – I believe my birthday is doing them good. How often does something like that happen a year?

Yawn – I must have fallen asleep, because now is it already light again outside. Mummy helps me put my trainers on: “Today we are going on a walk to see some waterfalls”, she says.

Fresh air, mountains and lots of water
Daddy carries me in his rucksack as I am really still too tired to walk. We hike through a forest with funny trees that look like Christmas trees without the baubles. After a while we come to a spring where Daddy puts me down and we rest for a bit. Then it’s off to the waterfalls – wow, now I understand what the grown-ups were talking about. The water pours down from high above out of the rock and you can run through it below, just like showering. Yeaaah, I like that! Again, again!

Afterwards we make a great big hot fire, bigger than I have ever seen! It is lovely to sit around the fire with so many people and cuddle up with my parents. I hope I have another birthday soon, because I will never forget this one!


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