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Evi - 39 years oldA weekend for the girls – two large and one small.

Two women, a baby and Friday the thirteenth

I had been looking forward for ages to the weekend we were due to spend with my daughter and her godmother in the Familienresidence Grafenstein in. Sauna, swim, wellness, chilling out – this is what I had imagined. But my friend Mirijam said: “On Friday the thirteenth? No chance."

We were warmly greeted upon our arrival at the Familienhotel Grafenstein and my little daughter Mayla, who is almost two, also received a welcome gift – King Laurin in person, nicely presented as cuddly toy.
A lucky day for children!
The Familienresidence Grafenstein nestles among vineyards, with a simply enormous playground and a swimming pool whose panoramic views left me very nearly speechless. “Mummy, aren’t we lucky!” said Mayla, tugging my sleeve.
But her godmother Mirjam was not so happy: she was looking desperately for her mobile phone, which was probably back at home or – worse still – lost. “Friday the 13th indeed”, she grumbled, rooting around in her handbag.

Swimming with views over the Etsch Valley
While Mayla and I splashed around for a while in the indoor pool, admired the views and indulged ourselves in the wellness ambience, Mirjam, who had driven home again specially to get her mobile, returned in a bad mood, without good news. “I don’t like Fridays. And certainly not the thirteenth.”

Mayla had just fallen asleep, so I took myself off to the sauna for a heat treatment! I like this way of cleansing the body. The air was thick with the smell of wood and sweet scents, and I breathed more deeply and consciously. After fifteen minutes of perspiration and meditation I set off for the cold pool and a Kneipp treatment.

Beautiful Alpine design
It was easy for me, in this relaxing atmosphere, to completely forget the stress, the confused thoughts and the daily grind. We ordered a Hugo cocktail each to celebrate the evening. We had just toasted each other and taken a sip when the first glass fell off the table and landed in fragments on the ground. Mirjam shook her head. I knew what she was thinking. As I sipped at my glass, I could taste the elderberries, the mint and the bubbles. Perhaps it was all just a question of attitude.

Laughing, we went back to our room – family suite would be a better description. I loved the warm wooden floors, stylish furnishings and elegant rural style.

Breakfast in the Grafenstein lounge
Various types of fruit were attractively arranged, representing almost the entire colour spectrum. There was top-quality sausage and cheese, exotic and local fruits, fried eggs, croissants, homemade jam, bio-muesli with yogurt – everything you could want, and all simply delicious! We could probably have spent hours there, just feeding away. Mayla however saw things differently and hopped excitedly from foot to foot, wanting to go to the pool. Before that however I wanted to take yet another photo of the beautiful breakfast buffet . And what did I find in my handbag? That’s right: Mirjam’s mobile. Friday the 13th was apparently finally over!

For me our visit to the Familienresidence Grafenstein was one lucky day from the outset, as I could spend special moments with my little girl and her godmother. The attentive staff, the petting zoo, Mayla’s laughing eyes and the excellent childcare – everything was somehow… perfect. I would like to come back here every Friday the thirteenth. And Mirjam said she would too, not least to rule out how the day might go elsewhere!


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