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Insider tip: Tribulaun hut

Summer | Hiking & mountaineering | Valle Isarco

Terrific Tribulaun

Rewarding hike to a hut

Fabulously beautiful, but also strenuous: that’s the rewarding hike to the Tribulaun hut. Let yourself be enthralled by the power of nature!

Once upon a time, when Pflersch was still rich in gold and silver mines, a cold-hearted king ruled the valley. The hard-working miners had to give him part of their salary each month that went by. But not all of them wanted to give up their money anymore so it happened that a courageous squire called for a revolt. The king got heard about their plan and decided to get rid of the rebel in the Tribulaun area. But he had not considered with the soul of Tribulaun, who struck the top of the mountain with its fist. Since that day, Tribulaun has had two mountain peaks. Luckily, the spire managed to escape, but the king, for his callousness, was transformed into a mountain peak. Today, you can admire this ancient king, "Goldkappl", right from the Tribulaun hut. The hike to this picturesque hut is certainly a highlight of any summer holiday in the Dolomites. It begins at Hölle car park. From here, you can cross the stream and hike briefly into the valley on trail 6/8 until trail 8 branches off to the right. You will reach your destination via many steep serpentines. Conclusion: a strenuous but worthwhile hike (and a special legend) for both adults and mountain-loving children.

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