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Melanie - 30 years oldNora enjoys a wonderful family holiday at the Familienhotel in Schenna above Meran!

The adventures of a little girl

“There is no chance of her sleeping this afternoon”, I hear Mummy say. But I am already one and a half years old and everything is so exciting! So, Mummy and Daddy wanted to drive to this hotel and they still have a lot to do and pack, so I miss out on my midday nap. And why does Mummy pack everything twice? Once to put it in and then again once I have taken everything out of the suitcase? “Then she can go to bed earlier this evening, that’ll be OK.” Nooo way – Mummy has just not understood. I am never tired in the evenings, especially not on holiday! It doesn’t matter, let’s get in the car first. But naturally Mummy has to turn back as soon as we have set off – we forgot my dummy! I won’t go anywhere without it, that much she knows at least.
“We haven’t been swimming for ages, let’s do that as soon as we arrive! Nora, we will be there in five minutes… Great, she’s fallen asleep.” I hear Mummy murmuring from far away. Well, I’m just tired. So there is a change of plan, I am put in my pushchair to carry on sleeping and we check in at reception. A friendly voice welcomes us, smiles and looks directly into my pushchair: “Oh, how cute, she’s asleep”. I only just hear as I doze, but one thing is clear: there is a packet of chocolate biscuits as a welcome gift! How cool is that?

Into the pool and splash!
At ten past two in the afternoon I wake up in a lovely soft double bed. Mummy and Daddy have already got their swimming things on. Hey – have they forgotten that I want to go swimming too?

Finally I now have on my longed-for swimming nappy and Dad carries me to the indoor pool. Cool, there are a few pools here. Let’s get straight in the water – the bath tub at home is no contest. No way am I putting water wings on – who wants those silly plastic things on their arms? And no, Mummy, they aren’t two nice orange sailing boats that also want to go in the water. I’m too old to fall for that one. So let’s get splashing! The little pool is most fun as I can stand up there on my own. There is another fantastic pool nearby with a slide and even some pirates behind. Mummy can do a few lengths in peace in the third big pool, while Dad and I can have fun messing around.

Photographic memories
Now there is a role swap – as Dad enjoys a quiet hour in the sauna, Mummy sets off with me to “Meran 2000”.  “We have to make the best of the lovely weather”, she says. We do a quick round in the pushchair and simply have to relax with an espresso on the café terrace. But we have forgotten the most important thing in the hotel. No, not Dad – the camera. The pictures would have looked like postcards today. Oh well, never mind, we will just have to memorise the moment in our heads.

When we return to the hotel room, we find a snoring form. Dad seems to find it particularly relaxing here. Mummy says he needs to recover. What from, I ask myself?!

Mummy and I in the meantime go to the “Bear Club”. It is a cool playground, but inside instead of outside. There is a climbing wall and jumping mats, hammocks, table football, two beach chairs, lots and lots of toys and a play house where can I cook, wash and even shop. The lady who “lives” here is really nice and also helps some of the children making things at the table. Every time I look at her she smiles and waves back.

At last it is seven in the evening and we go to eat in the dining room. All that action has made my tummy rumble, as if we had swallowed a bear in the children’s club. There is a salad buffet, a children’s buffet and today even a pasta buffet for starters. We both decide to go à la carte and have the suckling pig. Pudding is apple tart with vanilla ice-cream.

The other kids are just like me!
I look around, relaxed, and see left and right that the other tables have also accumulated the same sweetcorn-pasta-cucumber-bread crumb mixture under the high chairs. Yes, I really like it here. I notice that one of the mothers at a neighbouring table can hardly understand the waitress because of the constant cries of “Mummy-Mummy-Mummy” from next to her. That makes me feel even better – we are all of a kind here. The mums exchange “Yes, I know that one too” looks and after a glass of wine get on as if they had always known each other. We kids too are soon all best friends and we play a game of catch in the dining room…


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