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Veronika - 15 years oldA teenager gives a surprising account of a short break with “Mom”

Time-out – with Mum?

What, going with my mother to a Familienhotel… I’m fifteen, not five”, I grumble during the journey. Then I am supposed to get all enthusiastic about the cable car… I’m not a kid any more! The rope slowly pays out and we set off upwards. The last part of the journey is via a modern cable car, of the third generation according to the hotel brochure, as the first was just a wooden crate. I think I would have preferred that!
Organic food and tasty treats on the menu
At midday we reach the hotel, and I hope for something to quieten my rumbling stomach. I fear the worst when my mother lights up upon seeing the menu: she is obsessed with organic food, she’s always like “Now that’s healthy” and “That’s a purely natural product”. I would rather eat something tasty. And then I hear “homemade organic kamut pasta with courgette strips and beetroot, full-grain risotto with nettles… OMG. I carefully check the menu and see braised veal cheek with rice and vegetables: that’s more to my taste! And it tastes really good! As for the vegetables, I push them onto my mother’s plate ;)

After a meal you should rest…
… is my take on things, but Mom insists on walking 1,000 steps. She eventually tempts me out with the promise of doing some archery, so we get two bow and arrow sets from reception and struggle up the short slope to the Indians’ hunting ground. Forest animals made from foam rubber await their fate – for the thousandth time. Mom asks me how I am getting on with my archery. :) I have already had a little practice (grin) and, after a short while, a few children stand watching at the gate. They don’t want to have a go, though.

Meat, glorious meat!
Fortunately there is a barbecue evening this very Wednesday. I want to ask the chef what sort of seasoning he put on the lamb chops, the veal and the turkey. They were really good! But he has already gone while I am finishing off my dessert (chocolate ice – also really delicious!). Luckily I can always use email!

Between mountain tops and treetops
Getting up for breakfast the next day was, as I feared, much much too early. But Robert is expecting us at 10.30 for a round on the high-ropes course. It can be done pretty quickly with some practice. It was also the first one in South Tyrol, from 2001 (when I was born!), and in my view could even be a bit bigger. My mother however is quite glad to come down again. I reckon she felt a bit queasy, but she did OK for her age.

With family?
With THE children’s programme, THE playground and THE Alpine zoo I’m sure that you can also spend a pleasant holiday at the Familienhotel Taser with your little brothers and sisters. You probably wouldn’t see them all day! : D

OK, there were not many kids of my age there, but I have to say that I got along pretty well with Mom. Hey, she even asked me about my book! So I lent it her – even if she won’t understand a thing.


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