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Diego - 38 yearsA weekend in the Familienhotel Alpenhof

Behind the curtain

As soon as we entered the Familienhotel Alpenhof, we realised that wood is not just soothing and homely, but can also be stylishly modern. The wonderful interior blended aesthetic quality, good taste and all the comfort of wood.
Couch potatoes? No way.
We put down our suitcases, drew the curtain to one side and – wow – were simply amazed. The sight, view – or perhaps that should be vision – almost made us dizzy! The ancient sentinels of the Dolomites framed the distant valley. You should be a bird, I thought. With two beats of my wings the air could carry me far over the valley. I would have happily stayed there longer, letting the view take effect upon me and my soul: over the last three years, however, it has not just been what Mummy and Daddy want that counts. So now it’s off we go sledging!

Just 200 metres above the hotel was a special piste for junior skiers, with a large, snow-covered field opposite, perfect for playing on. There was also a swing and a small hill for sledging. We tramped through the snow, built a snowman of sorts and enjoyed spending time with all three of us together, something that is all too rare in our everyday lives. For this day there was nothing to plan, nothing to organise, to buy or to cook: we could simply have fun and indulge ourselves, which was after all the whole point of coming here.

In the afternoon, tired and hungry, we went down to the hotel and the cake buffet, where it was immediately clear that we were spoilt for choice. Which of these chocolatey, strudely, fruity treats should we try? We looked around furtively and promptly helped ourselves to a piece of each, then disappeared to a table in the far corner of the room.

Back in our apartment, we took off our ski suits and my husband and I again stood by the window, allowing the soothing panorama to calm our nerves. After a good three seconds I felt someone pulling at my T-shirt – our daughter was bored and wanted to go to the swimming pool. So we again had to interrupt our panoramic meditation and make our way to the pool.

After a few lengths I crawled back into one of the wooden niches. These were so wonderful, like a little cave, but with wooden walls to create a comfortable intimacy. My daughter squeaked for joy, wrapped herself in a towel and cuddled up in the bed in the wooden cave – I did the same… and I too emitted a little yelp of joy. :-)

Dining and action until bedtime
The evening meal was a buffet offering plenty of choice. I was personally delighted, as our daughter was tired out from the day’s adventures and we could enjoy our meal at our own rhythm. And it was exceptional, like something out of the fairy-tale of the Magic Table… duck liver, salmon, mussel soup.

After the meal our daughter flitted between the three play rooms, as she could not make up her mind which she liked best. That is something she didn’t inherit from me, although when I think back to the afternoon’s cake buffet…

At 8 o’clock it was nevertheless time for bed and Steffy fell asleep immediately. Now it was finally time to enjoy the view. But no – it was already dark outside, so we simply gazed at the stars. We should really observe the stars more frequently in life, thought I, and I took my husband by the hand.

Let it snow
The next morning there was a surprise for us: it had snowed and, while our daughter slept on, we could finally enjoy an undisturbed view over the snow-covered landscape. The snowflakes steadily falling from the sky had a totally hypnotising effect on us. They slowly covered everything like a light, soft, white blanket, producing in us a sensation of peacefulness, quiet and contemplation.


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