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Easter in South Tyrol – more than just an egg hunt!
Easter in South Tyrol – more than just an egg hunt!

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Easter in South Tyrol

Vivid customs and exciting experiences

Spend your Easter holidays in South Tyrol! In our family hotels, the Easter bunny is very diligent if you help him paint the Easter eggs!

Every year, children all over the world look forward to celebrating Easter with chocolate eggs and presents. It’s the same with Easter in South Tyrol. During Easter time, our family hotels in South Tyrol offer interesting activities focused on this event that children love so much.

Usually, Easter eggs are painted on Holy Thursday. In many households, this is still done with onion skins, herbs, or flowers. And of course, on Easter Sunday, these eggs must be found! After that, one of the most-loved activities is the so-called “Pecken”, “Hecken”, or “Guffen” of the eggs, which means that each of the two rival parties take an egg into their hands and hit one eggs against the other. At first, top against top, then bottom against bottom. The egg that remains undamaged wins the game. Usually, the winner receives the opposing egg as a prize.

Other Easter customs include presents from godparents to their godchildren, such as a sweet bread in the form of a chicken for girls and in the form of a rabbit for boys. But of course, the Easter bunny comes to South Tyrol, too, and hides some sweet treats for you!


Happy Easter!
The Gamper Family from Familienalm Taser Alm.



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Easter in South Tyrol – more than just an egg hunt!
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