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Walking through space

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The sun, the moon, the stars, …

… and nine planets!

On the Planet Trail, an informative themed walk for the whole family, you will get a feel for the astronomical dimensions of space.

What a pity that the Val Gardena/Gröden railway, which was built during World War I, doesn’t exist anymore – it closed in 1960. But on the former railway line in St. Christina, close to our family hotels in the Dolomites, your journey starts today: not your railway journey, but your journey into space. You have no idea what we are talking about? The planet-themed La Ferata hiking trail! The planets of our solar system are shown here at a true-to-scale distance from each other, as well as the distance of the individual planets from the sun. Did you know that it would take you about 50 minutes to walk from the sun to Pluto? Yes, you did read right, because one human step corresponds to approximately 1,200,000,000 kilometres in space. More interesting facts about the planets, such as their diameter, their density, their distance to the sun, the number of their moons etc. can be discovered on the information boards. The hike is accessible with strollers.


Have a nice trip to space!
The Ploner Family from Family Hotel Posta



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