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Discover the secrets of the woods in the Toblach WaldWunderWelt!
Discover the secrets of the woods in the Toblach WaldWunderWelt!

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The Toblach WaldWunderWelt

Discover the secrets of the woods!

Off to the woods! In the Toblach WaldWunderWelt, nature discoverers, adventurers, and friends of the woods can get closer to their natural habitat– while playing!

Hoo, hoo! Can you hear the little owl? It invites you to explore its habitat while playing. Are you wondering why a trip to the Toblach WaldWunderWelt should be part of your family holiday in South Tyrol?

The adventure area in the woods offers several highlights. Children can see how high they can jump compared to other forest dwellers and how it feels to sit in a bird’s nest. They can have lots of fun on the otter’s slide, in the woodpecker’s cave, and on the barefoot path that tickles their soles. They can romp around on the large playground while learning interesting facts about the world of the woods.

Our tip: Have a look at the Celtic Tree Horoscope – it is great fun! Determine your tree sign by means of 21 trunks and allow yourselves to be surprised if the characteristics attributed to the sign apply to you.

Entry to the Toblach WaldWunderWelt is free; the area is accessible all year-round.


We wish you lots of fun during your discoveries!
The Rainer family from Family Resort Rainer.



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