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A whole museum dedicated to apples

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A whole museum dedicated to apples

The “Obstbaumuseum” in Lana

Adam and Eve would love this terrestrial paradise dedicated to apples and fruit-growing. We’re talking about the “Obstbaumuseum” in Lana.

Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise because of it. William Tell proved his skills as a marksman with it. In the Middle Ages it was the symbol of the rulers, and in South Tyrol it’s the most popular fruit of all. Have you already guessed what we are talking about? The apple, of course. South Tyrol is not only the land of mountains, it is also the land of apples. Around six billion apples are harvested each year. So, it's no wonder that we have dedicated a whole museum to this juicy fruit. The “Obstbaumuseum” or Museum of Fruit-Growing is situated in Lana, the oldest fruit-growing municipality in South Tyrol. Learn how a blossoming fruit paradise emerged from a former swamp, how apples are cultivated and protected from frost and parasites today, and what varieties there are. While you learn everything about South Tyrolean apples, your kids can have fun in the children's world, filled with riddles and creative workshops. Are you ready for new experiences, outdoor activities, and fun mountain biking holidays in the alps?

Charlotte and Isabell Zuegg from Familienresidence & Suiten Das Grafenstein ****S

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