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Everything is abloom!

Spring | South Tyrol | Hiking

Drifting in a soft pink cloud

South Tyrol is abloom!

From the end of March until the end of April, something truly beautiful begins to unfold.

This is the time of year when South Tyrol’s apple blossoms are beckoned forth from their wintry slumber. Depending on winter’s conditions, the flowering can happen sooner or later: Mild and wet winters bring the blooms earlier in the season, while cold and dry winters make the apple trees wait just a bit longer. Finally, however, spring has arrived and can be felt in the air and seen in gardens, forests, and on the mountains. All across the valleys and hills of South Tyrol, the apple trees are heavy with their soft pink blossoms, and the busy humming of the bees drifts out from the apple orchards. Their tireless endeavour ensures a bountiful autumn harvest of delicious South Tyrolean apples.

Nothing compares to the dreamy tranquillity you’ll experience while taking a bicycle ride or long stroll though the orchards. It’s a memorable enchantment that everyone can appreciate.

And what if there’s a spring frost? Since it’s early in the season, overnight temperatures could drop below freezing. In order to prevent the fresh flowers from dying and subsequently not being able to produce fruit, the South Tyrolean farmers have come up with something quite clever: frost irrigation. If the temperature drops the frost alarm is triggered. Then the farmers turn on their irrigation systems in the apple orchards and water the flowers. And why is this? Because the water freezes around the flowers at low temperatures, and the freezing process creates heat, which in turn saves the flowers from freezing. The ice also forms a protective cover around the flowers. In the morning, when the first rays of sun embrace the orchards and the ice melts away, you can enjoy the breathtaking sight of glittering flowers before the ice melts away. You’ll marvel in this incredible wonder, when nature takes centre stage and also takes your breath away with its beauty.

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