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Invisible ‘ink’

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Write secret messages

Our tip for rainy November days

What can you do when the weather is typical November and you have to spend your free time indoors?

Writing secret messages is just the ticket! First, squeeze one or two lemons so that you get plenty of lemon juice. Then take a piece of paper and a thin paintbrush. Dip the brush into the lemon juice and use it to write secret messages on your piece of paper. These can be declarations of love, kind thoughts, words of encouragement, or even drawings. Let your imagination run wild! Be sure to let the invisible ink dry well. Now you’re probably wondering how to make the messages visible again, aren’t you? Simply take a hot iron and run it over the paper. Gradually, you will see the message appear. Alternatively, you can put the paper in the oven and heat it slowly but you will need more patience. You should only read messages meant for your eyes, of course! For more ideas on how to spend your free time, visit our luxury family hotel in Italy.

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