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Reifenstein Castle: the best-kept castle in South Tyrol

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Listen up, knights and damsels!

Fairy tale feelings at Reifenstein Castle

A dream for little damsels, knights, and squires: Reifenstein Castle, one of the best-preserved castles in South Tyrol. Join our discovery tour!

The over 900-year-old Reifenstein Castle sits on a rocky hill near Sterzing. Throughout its whole existence, it was never attacked or destroyed and is therefore one of the best-preserved castles in South Tyrol.

Today, there is still a bridge over the deep moat that leads to the main building. The mysterious atmosphere and the old, sumptuous rooms excite little damsels and knights. During a guided tour through the well-preserved walls, you can visit the portcullis, the torture chamber, the courtroom, and the underground dungeons. Eerily beautiful!

Moreover, in the castle’s rooms, there are wooden sleeping quarters from the Middle Ages, an old bathroom chamber, a kitchen, and a panelled parlour. The Green Hall with its mural paintings lives up to its name. You can also pay a visit to the small St. Zeno church which is believed to be much older than the castle.

The castle’s chambers are accessible from April to October. Pay a visit to world of the lords of Reifenstein Castle during a guided tour.


Have fun exploring the old walls!
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