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Sew sweater cushions

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Keeping the old and making it new

Our upcycling tip

Do you also have old jumpers and sweaters at home that you can’t bear to part with? We’ll tell you what you can make with them.

Everyone’s experienced it: We have our favourite items of clothing that no longer fit us but that we simply can’t bear to part with. If that sounds familiar, we have a very special upcycling tip for you. Sew your old jumpers and sweaters together to make cushions! Sew the arms and the waist closed, stuff the jumper with leftover fabric or stuffing material until it’s nice and plump, and finally sew the neck hole closed, too. Of course, your kids can lend a helping hand (they’ll find the stuffing part in particular a whole lot of fun)! You’ll not only have the chance to teach them basic sewing skills, but also that old things don’t necessarily have to be thrown away, but can be transformed into something new. You’ll receive even more upcycling and handicraft tips during your family holiday in summer or when you choose us as your ski accommodation near the Dolomites. To your sewing machines, get set, go!

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