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The Ulten lamb weeks are all about sheep
The Ulten lamb weeks are all about sheep

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Another way of counting sheep

It’s all about sheep during the Ulten lamb weeks

Start counting sheep! The Ulten lamb weeks are all about sheep. There is a lot to learn, discover, try, and touch.

During the Ulten lamb weeks, our four-legged woolly friends are in the spotlight: sheep. They have always been an important part of farming culture in rustic Val d’Ultimo/Ultental. During the lamb weeks, which take place every year at the end of September and beginning of October, both locals and guests celebrate these fluffy animals.

Do you know the many uses of sheep (and their products)? Their wool is used to produce warm clothes, felt slippers, and bags. Sheepskin is the perfect heat store in a child’s bed and can alleviate grandpa’s rheumatism. Sheep’s milk is turned into savoury cheese, but it is also used in cosmetics to moisturise the skin. The meat is the basis of hearty and nutritious meals, while sheep intestines can be used to make a fine, crispy sausage casing.

Our tip: the traditional Kuppelwies sheep market is an absolute highlight. It is a special day for everyone, where the idyllic meadow near the Zoggler reservoir lake becomes the scene of a colourful market. Visit the market to buy culinary delicacies and various products, which all revolve around sheep. The excitement is high when hundreds of sheep are driven back to the valley after having spent the summer on the mountain meadows. This huge spectacle makes your family holiday in the mountains an unforgettable experience!


We wish you a pleasant time with these woolly animals!
The Brunner-Zuegg Family from Grafenstein Familienresidence & Suiten.



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